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The simple and economic solution for your Electronic Invoice

According to Decreto-Lei n.º 14-A/2020 all Contracting Entities and their Public Administration Suppliers must gradually adopt the Electronic Invoice in 2021!

But what is meant by electronic invoice?

The Electronic Invoice is a document that was sent, transmitted or received in eletronic files, being possible to process it automatically and electronically.

What are the implications for the contracting entity?

The invoices of its suppliers are thus mandatory to be prescribed and preserved in electronic files, eliminating the traditional paper processing and archiving.

MIROMA offers efaturaGov solution, in order to answer all technical and legal requirements, in a simple, quick and economic way, while optimising business transactions with your suppliers. To this end, efaturaGov allows the Public e-Procurement Platform integration and the ERP solution via connector.

By joining efaturaGov you are not only following the law, but also taking benefits from a single point for reception and consultation of eletronic documents. Here, digital preservation is granted, as well as costs reduction in comparison with the "traditional world of paper".


Advantages and Benefits

Single point of communication


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