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ComprasPT is a certified Public e-Procurement platform which manages all your public procurement procedures in a quick, simple and intuitive way.

This electronic platform ensures the compliance of all requirements imposed by the new Public Contracts Code (PCC), to which public institutions are linked. It also ensures an easy and fast registration, resulting in more competition and better prices for the acquiring entity!

Buyer or Acquiring Entity or Contracting Entity – all entities to which the 2nd article of Public Contracts Code (PCC) applies:

“Article 2

Contracting Entities

1 - Contracting Entities are:

a) The State;

b) The Autonomous Regions;

c) Local authorities;

d) Public institutes;

e) Independent administrative entities;

f) The Bank of Portugal;

g) Public foundations;

h) Public associations;

i) Associations to which belong one or more legal persons referred to in the preceding subparagraphs, as long as they are mainly financed by them, subjected to their management control or possess a management, administrative or supervisory body whose majority of its holders would be, directly or indirectly, designated by them.

2 – Are also Contracting Entities:

a) The public-law bodies, being considered as such any legal person that, regardless of their public or private nature:

i) Have been created specifically to satisfy the necessities of general interest, without an industrial or commercial character, being regarded as such those whose economic activity is not submitted to the competitive basis of the market, namely due to not having profit motives or because they don’t assume the losses resulting from their activities; and

ii) Receive a majority of their funding from entities mentioned in the preceding paragraph or by other public-law bodies, or its management is controlled by those entities, or possess management, administrative or supervisory bodies whose members have, in more than half of the total number, been designated by those entities;

b) Any legal persons that find themselves in the situation referred to in the preceding subparagraph, regarding to one entity that is, herself, a contracting entity in accordance with the same subparagraph;

c) (Revogada.)

d) The associations to whom belong one or more legal persons referred in the preceding subparagraphs, provided that these are majorly funded by them, being subjected to their management control or possess a management, administrative or supervisory body whose majority of its holders would be, directly or indirectly, designated by them.

3 – (Repealed.)”

Seller or Economic Operator or Supplier – Any natural or legal person that in the scope of Public Procurement provides products and/or services to the entities mentioned above.

ComprasPT Registration

Após finalizado, o registo ficará concluído no prazo máximo de 3 dias úteis, respeitando os princípios de disponibilização e livre acesso do artigo 28.º da Lei 96/2015.

Inicie a sessão utilizando o mesmo certificado digital com o qual efetuou o registo (introduza o código PIN do certificado em questão) e aceda aos procedimentos da organização pretendida.

Access Recovery/ User Activation

In case you have lost access to the ComprasPT electronic procurement platform, due to the use of a new qualified digital certificate, all you need to do now is to associate this new certificate to your registration, by following the steps below.

Go to the ComprasPT page of a contracting entity of your choice and select the "Recover Access" option:

iniciar sessão ComprasPT

This process consists of identifying the company and the user for whom access to the platform must be recovered.

Aviso ComprasPT

After carrying out this procedure, the user in question will receive an email with a validation code (it may take up to 10 minutes). This information is displayed on the platform page:

After receiving the email with the activation code, you must activate the user by selecting the option "Activate User" on the ComprasPT page of the contracting entity.

The following window will be displayed:

Fill in the gaps referring to the company's NIF, email address of the user who is recovering access, enter the activation code received in the email and click "Continue".

Then, access the option "List / update certificates" and add the new Qualified Digital Certificate that is inserted in your machine by clicking "Add", in the list of certificates.

Finally, select the "Send" button to complete the user activation process.


  1. 1. You must select the authentication option to be able to authenticate on the platform and the signature option if the certificate is used for signing documents.
  2. 2. If you are using Multicert certificates or a citizen card you must add the two certificates or the authentication and signature. If you use the DigitalSign certificate you only have one certificate to add.
  3. 3. If you want to use the signature component and it is not active, you should contact the certification body of your certificate.
  4. 4. Once the activation code has been used or the three days of its sending has passed by, it expires and a new code must be sent.

We take this opportunity to inform you that a CDQ - Qualified Digital Certificate contains sensitive information concerning the person and/or organisation to which you belong, even if it is out of date, i.e. it has already expired. In order to avoid damage resulting from improper use or unauthorised access by third parties, we advise you to destroy the device in order to invalidate it permanently.


The timestamps attest the date and time of the creation, emission or reception of a document, being a legal requirement in the scope of public e-procurement. For that reason, it is impossible to submit documents or send notifications, in any platform, without using this timestamping service. The timestamps ensure not only the date and time of the action but also the integrity of the data.

In ComprasPT platform, only one stamp is spent by submission, regardless the number of submitted documents.

Yes, according to Law no. 96/2015 of August 17 the public procurement platforms are obliged to accept the timestamps issued by any electronic certification entity which possesses that same service registered and published in the Trusted – Service Status List (TSL).

The Timestamps are active in within no more than 24 hours, after payment confirmation.

Certificados Digitais Qualificados - CDQ

Qualified Digital Certificate is an electronic method used to identify a person in the platform or in a digital system that provides secure services through the Internet.

On average, a Qualified Digital Certificate takes 5 working days. Urgent requests are issued within 24 hours, but have to be collected by the holder in the Issuing Entity facilities.

Yes, the Citizen’s Card is a Qualified Digital Certificate.

Access to Procedure Documents

If you can only see the procedure notice, you may be in one of the following situations:

a. You are not yet logged in;

b. You are already logged in, but you did not yet express interest in the procedure.

First, you must login and access to the ongoing procedures list. Then, once the intended procedure is found, express your interest by pressing the “Enroll” button. As soon as you are enrolled in the procedure, you will be able to access the remaining documents.

Notice that this button is only available until the “Tender Opening” phase.

Documents and Proposals Submission

If you can only find the Notice, you are probably not registered in the procedure. Access the on-going Public Tenders page, find the procedure in question and click on “Register”. If you can see the remaining documents, please check the current stage of the procedure. In some stages, it is impossible to submit documents.

During proposal submission, the documents are encrypted and they are only available again after being opened by the Buyers (Contracting Entities), period in which the documents become also available to all competitors.

During the submission process, the platform automatically stamps all documents with a signature that will correspond to the certificate used to login.

If this certificate does not belong to the person with representation powers, all documents must be signed before the submission, using a Qualified Digital Certificate.

Pre-Contractual Procedures

  • Prior Consultation;
  • Negotiation/Direct Award;
  • Open Tender;
  • Restricted Procedure with Prior Qualification;
  • Negotiated Procedure;
  • Competitive Dialogue.

Prior Consultation

A Prior Consultation is a procedure in which the contracting entity invites at least three entities of her choice to submit a proposal.

  • Public works contracts with a value of less than 150.000 euros;
  • Acquisitions of goods and services with a value of less than 75.000 euros;
  • Other contracts with a value of less than 100.000 euros.

Negotiation/Direct Award Procedure

A Negotiation/Direct Award Procedure is a pre-contractual procedure through which the contracting entity invites one entity of her choice to submit a proposal.

  • Public works contracts with a value of less than 30.000 euros;
  • Acquisitions of goods and services with a value of less than 20.000 euros;
  • Other contracts with a value of less than 50.000 euros.

PCC predicts a Simplified Negotiation/Direct Award Procedure for the acquisition or the lease of movable property, acquisition of services or Public works contracts with a contractual price of less than 5.000 euros, in the case of the acquisitions of goods and services, and 10.000 euros in the case of the Public works contracts.

Urgent Open Tender

PCC predicts the possibility of a prompt tender adoption in case of urgency in the celebration of a leasing or acquisition of movable property or acquisition of customary services contract, once the contractual price does not exceed community thresholds (namely: 135.000 euros if the Contracting Entity is the State and 209.000 euros for other Contracting Entities).

Open Tenders

An Open Tender is a selective process that aims to evaluate the competitors in a certain tender.

Customer Service

Yes. You can always contact our Technical Support. Technical support.